H Plus Cover Page Interview "Av. Ümit Hergüner"

Mr. Hergüner recently sat down for an interview with H Plus to discuss his...

Iran: Legal and Business Environment

An interview with Mr. Ümit Hergüner regarding his observations about Iran's business prospects.

Fracturing Our Future

As Turkey seeks its own version of the “Shale Revolution,” what can it learn from the example of the United States where growing evidence points to the negative impacts o...

New Regulation on Environmental Permit and License

The New Regulation is to introduce a more consistent, practical and clear practice to address the problems which previously caused delays in the implementation of the pro...

Reforming or Not Reforming: Does the New Law Really Change Sub-Contractor Relationships?

However, history has demonstrated that there can be hazardous consequences of sub-contracting if not applied in accordance with the law.